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IMG Clerkships is dedicated to promoting the next generation of International Medical Students and Graduates, who are pursuing their vision of becoming a physician. Our focus is to safeguard and educate the International Medical Student and Graduate. Our Vision is to help close the gap and potential impact of the impending primary care physician shortage in the United States.

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An academic program supervised by a Clinical Dean who monitors and manages your Clinical Science program More than 400 attending physicians in our network Quality Clinical Clerkships throughout the United States and Canada Monitoring and grading of S.O.A.P. notes A state of the art Clinical Activity and Rotation Log (C.A.R.L.) software, which can store all encounters throughout students’ clinical education and provide real time information to their respective institutions, Clinical Director High yield, United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1, Step 2 CK and CS review courses Residency preparation workshops The ability to work with a professional staff whose focus on preparing medical students for residency and a future in medicine

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Every year over 9,000 residency slots are filled by IMGs. The Residency doctors place large emphasis on whether the candidate has adequate clinical exposure in the United States. By obtaining your clinical education with our teaching affiliates you can build a foundation strong enough for success in the annual residency match. To this end, IMGClerkships has united an intricate network of teaching institutions, attending physicians and international medical schools, that when paired together will: Provide an enjoyable learning environment for your Clinical rotation Save you time and money Provide you with a competitive edge Prepare you for the United States residency programs


Our Hands-On Externship programs are strictly designed to match residency program requirements applied to Foreign Graduate applications. Having U.S. Clinical Experience not only increases the number of programs to which you may apply, but also places you ahead of other applicants who do not have the experience. Our most popular Clinical Externship plan, the 3-RMP makes your residency application meet the requirements of approximately 80% of all U.S. programs, and places you in front of other applicants who have not completed 3 months of experience. Generally speaking, the 3 month plan is designed so that you gain clinical experience with 3 different attending physicians within the same specialty(or its sub-specialties). You will obtain the 3 separate Letters of Recommendation from your Attending Physicians.

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The most comprehensive and fulfilling of U.S. Externships, FMG Portal’s 6-RMP allows you to learn from more than one Attending Physician and places your application above all other applicants while boosting your understanding of the U.S. Clinical Environment. The 6-RMP plan makes your application as an FMG eligible to over 95% of all programs, and can yield up to 3 Letters of Recommendation. Don’t have the time to complete a 3 or 6 month Externship, but want to strengthen the weight of your residency application? This is the plan for you! Our FLEX plan allows you to schedule externships that match your schedule Our most recommended and efficient plan, FMG Portal’s Triple Play™ will maximize a 3 month externship experience by placing you with 3 different Attending Physicians, yielding 3 Letters of Recommendation. You may also opt to gain experience in up to 3 specialties during this time. The Triple Play™ is based on availability. Early enrollment will result in more location/specialty options.

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